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1.When I first entered college as a freshman, I was afraid ____D___ I was not able to do well in my studies.
A. of B. at
C. but D. that
2.I would have to make friends __B___ them and perhaps also compete ______ them for grades.
A. to?for B. with,with
C. at?to D. to?to
3.However, after a short period of time, I had my life ____C_______ control.
A. in B. at
C. under D. within
4.I really was not certain what I would do with the years ____B_____ me.
A. in the front of B. ahead of
C. out of D. away from
5.Louis’s father was a saddle maker who made items out ____D____ leather.
A. from B. by
C. through D. of
6.It took the workers two years ______D_____ the bridge.
A. building B. built
C. build D. to build
7.It suddenly came ___D______ me that Mary hates fish.
A. for B. at
C. toward D. to
8.The news has already ____B_____ all over the country.
A. imitated B. spread
C. shocked D. increased
9.Women, _____D____ men, have the right to work.
A. as soon as B. as long as
C. as far as D. as well as
10.I had to work hard to ________B____ the other students.
A. keep away from B. keep up with
C. keep back D. keep out
11.____A______ of us know what has happened in that place. It is no use asking us such a question
A. Few B. A few
C. Little D. A little
12.I send you my best wishes on ________D___ of your silver wedding anniversary
A. occasion B. case
C. the case D. the occasion
13.There are so many reasons to say thank you. You were always there when you were ___A_____
A. needed B. needing
C. to need D. need
14.The film reminded him _____D_____ what he had seen in China
A. to B. for C. at D. of
15.Nothing could keep their son ___C______ going abroad.
A. for B. of
C. from D. out
16.She was running __________ outside her house, shouting for help.
A. from and to B. to and from
C. up and down D. down and up
17.I prefer to live in the countryside ______C_____ spend a lot of time travelling to work every day
A. instead of B. would rather
C. rather than D. to
18.Believe it or not, our foreign teacher is quite _______B______ cooking Chinese dishes.
A. skill for B. skilled at
C. well at D. nice on
19.Mary _______ for the Normans for six months now. She _____C____ the Normans‘ rooms every day
A. works, cleans B. has worked, is cleaning
C. has worked, cleans D. has working, clean
20.While I was sitting there, I examined every part of the room with my eyes“ can be changed into______C____.
A.While I sat there, examining every part of the room with my eyes
B.I sat there, examined every part of the room with my eyes
C.While sitting there, I examined every part of the room with my eyes
D.I sitting there, I examined every part of the room with my eyes






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