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1、Did Mary tell you when D .
A. is coming
B. come
C. came
D. to come
2、No one A the bus at the last bus stop.
A. got off
B. got away
C. got in
D. got through
3、Are there C volunteers for a try?
A. a
B. some
C. any
D. much
4、This is C I can help you
A. so
B. as
C. as far as
D. as near as
5、The car B Dan.
A. is belonging to
B. belongs to
C. belong to
D. belong
6、The handle of this suitcase C .
A. has lost
B. has come
C. has come loose
D. has loose
7、I A to hear from you
A. expect
B. expects
C. wait for
D. wait
8、You've surely made D worse.
A. matter
B. question
C. problem
D. things
9、I A angry with him.
A. got
B. said
C. spoke
D. shouted
10、The doctor put him on a strict C .
A. medicine
B. hospital
C. diet
D. plate
11、You should A a report.
A. write out
B. write with
C. look after
D. write in
12、Does the bill B a tip?
A. contain
B. include
C. contained
D. included
13、I A a visit to Jane the other day.
A. paid
B. brought
C. took
D. talked
14、I haven't heard from him D
A. the day before yesterday
B. yesterday
C. tomorrow
D. recently
15、Will those who agree with me please
A their hands?
A. raise
B. raised
C. rise
D. risen
16、I used to A at half past six
A. rise
B. raise
C. rose
D raised
17、Please C the book open on the desk.
A. laid
B. lie
C. lay
D. lain
18、It B me half an hour to walk to the station
A. cost
B. took
C. spent
D. brought
19、I'll A holiday next month
A. go on
B. go
C. get
D. go to
20、There is a ship A the photo.
A. in the front of
B. in front of
C. the front of
D. front of
21. A everything in order before you leave the room.
A. Get
B. Do
C. Work
D. Take
22. I like to read in my B time.
A. spared
B. spare
C. sparing
D. being spare
23. He A English for eight years.
A. has learned
B. learned
C. learns
D. is learning
24. He owned (that) he D a mistake.
A. was made
B. has made
C. made
D. had made
25. He lives in his A house.
A. own
B. this
C. that
D. the
26. I'm B ready.
A. quietly
B. quite
C. quiet
D. quitely
27. That hat is A pretty.
A. quite
B. quitely
C. quietly
D. quiet
28. The sea was very C this morning.
A. quite
B. quitely
C. quiet
D. quietly
29. The house became C again when the children were gone.
A. quite
B. quitely
C. quiet
D. quietly
30. A , I'm busy preparing for the exams.
A. At the moment
B. At moment
C. The moment
D. At the time
31. At last firemen have C a big forest fire in California.
A. put off
B. put on
C. put out
D. put with
32. I'll try and find B the name of the person who saved my life yesterday.
A. at
B. out
C. with
D. off
33. They were also quite sure A a cigarette end did not start the fire.
A. that
B. what
C. which
D. who
34. I don't know who B America.
A. found
B. discovered
C. found out
D. looked for
35.The villagers were surprised to see the A of an aeroplane near the lake.
A. remains
B. remain
C. thing
D. matter
36. Did you wind this piece of wire A the tree?
A. round
B. along
C. with
D. at
37. This morning I got up very B .
A. lately
B. late
C. later
D. latter
38.Many people D cigarette ends carelessly.
A. throw to
B. throw to
C. throw at
D. throw away
39. Do you know the C of the war?
A. reason
B. reasons
C. cause
D. casues
40. Give me your A for going there.
A. reason
B. cause
C. because
D. since
41. The children were at D school, my husband was at work.
A. the
B. this
C. that
D. ×
42. That's A what I wanted to tell you.
A. exactly
B. quietly
C. hardly
D. lately
43. C could have been more annoying.
A. Everything
B. Anything
C. Nothing
D. Something
44. I persuaded him into B that plan.
A. giving off
B. giving up
C. giving in
D. giving away
45. We still have A sugar. We don't need ____________ sugar now.
A. some. . . any
B. any. . . some
C. a … some
D. some. . . a






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